whoiscart:Provides one stop shop for web hosting Billing and support automation

What is Whois.Cart()?
logoWhois.Cart() is a client/administrator tool that facilitates the many tasks involved in running an efficient webhosting and domain registration business. The system will surgically undertake every aspect of your client transactions; first the sale (which is most important and most overlooked), the collection of money, the registration/transfer/renewal of domains, the provisioning of hosting space, and lastly the maintenance of all these. A cumulation of countless development hours and thousands of user suggestions, Whois.Cart() is a full-featured system that has retained the clean and simple ethic that most of its equal-featured competing products have lost. It will undoubtedly become the most natural and effective resource with which you will ever complement your business.

What is its mission?
Built to maintain hosting plans and domain registrations, no other such product comes even close to its speed, clarity and ease of customization. At saeven.net, we’re mindful that not everyone are programmers and that the hosting and domain sales industry is complex enough, that the extra burden of code knowledge and software mechanisms could be at least alleviated if not eliminated altogether. We’ve therefore worked hard to build you a tool whose mechanisms simply work – a culmination of hundreds of user opinions and of years of experience in software development. Simple and unclouded, the system strives to make your life and that of your clients easier. As testament, a vibrant and exclusive community teeming with ideas and energy has ensued, and we’re hopeful that having read the information offered at this site, you’ll find time to ask questions, approach our community forums and eventually become a member of our developmental think-tank and help us further our product. Our mission is to make this product the very best available, to listen to your suggestions, to offer the best technical support available, and overall – to make it affordable. This product is an underpriced entry in a monopolized market, and with your help, we’ll make our dent and show that price is not a function of quality.

Quick Glance

Collect Payment instantly with one of our many implemented payment portal ‘plugs’. These are entirely modular and can be removed or added at any time and are coded using the strictest possible methods to ensure your security. A complete list of our entirely free payment plugs is available from the features section.

Automate Hosting Account Creation, suspensions, deletions and even terminations through those hosting panels whose interface objects are available for Whois.Cart(). Seamless integration and transparent mechanics leave you responsible only for those details which allow the cart to interact with your hosting panel. The rest is up to us!

Register Domains automatically! Effortless and instantaneous, the system will register, transfer, and renew your domains should you configure it to do so using our intuitive registrar interface. You can even import existing domains into the system’s database using the administrative interface to allow the cart to manage your entire inventory of domains.


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