If you require hosting services for your Whois.Cart installation, the following plans and payment options are available to Whois.Cart members.

Plan Name Basic Intermediate Advanced
Transfer Allocation 750 megabytes 1 gigabyte 1 gigabyte
Disk Space 50 megabytes 100 megabytes 175 megabytes
Email addresses 1 5 10
mySQL databases 1 2 4
Monthly Price
6 months $3.50 $4.50 $5.50
12 months $2.50 $3.50 $4.50
If you are interested in purchasing any of these hosting plans, please contact our dedicated support staff. Note that all of these plans additionally provide PHP access, Zend Optimizer, FTP access, and a DirectAdmin control panel interface. Also note that these are only available to Whois.Cart subscribers.

The data center in which these servers are contained are equipped with the following:

Redundant Fiber
Redundant Power
Redundant Cooling Systems
Redundant Diesel Generators
Redundant UPS systems
24/7 security monitoring
The facility bandwidth is supplied by:

Cablevision Lightpath
Global Crossing
Peering with NYIIX
Level 3


Whois.Cart will lessen the load incurred by the many tasks involved with webhosting; it will aumatically register your domains, access your hosting panels and automatically set-up your domains, facilitate user payments, and quite a bit more. Teamed with our simple theme system with which you can skin the cart to match your site, the many plug-ins we plan to offer, and its extensible design – Whois.Cart()tm will provide an unmatched service to your business from both your and your clients’ perspectives.

Feature Status Info
cartServers Supported Linux/Windows Developed on both Linux and Windows, Whois.Cart()tm is guaranteed to work with both systems.
Databases Supported mySQL Geared to work with the award winning mySQL database.
Code PHP Homogenous composition; built 100% in PHP, its unique search engine design makes it the fastest system in its class.
Encryption Method 256-bit Without revealing the method used, the system uses a unique 256-bit encryption method that is one of the few unbroken methods still existing. Used by the NSA and CSIS alike, your sensitive data is safe.

General Features

100% PHP, Zend Encoded for raw speed.
Makes use of our internal PHP whois search engine which results in seamless functionality independent of specific registrar databases.
Extensible, where you can design your own payment, registrar and hosting panel interfaces for the system based on specific interface specifications.
Internationalized, featuring client-selectable language ‘templates’ that adjust the client-side interface to any given language.
Theme-driven, making customization of the system, its invoices, password notices, and receipts easier than ever.
Object-oriented, simplifying updates and access to database stored data.
Modularly built, where the system recognizes added modules without any installation process whatsoever.
IP Based Fraud Screening! Save precious time as the system automatically matches client IP to reported country and reports mismatches using a complex and lightning fast IDX lookup table.

Internal or External Whois Engine

The system offers the use of any external whois engine or our internal engine. Under safe mode? No problems – this new advance will allow you to run from virtually any server. This is an important feature given that registrar based whois systems might not always be operable, or might run into server lag or traffic issues. In this case, the only system you need to worry about, is yours.

Registrar Integration

Whois.Carttm features a special registrar API (RAPI) integration system where by fulfilling several interface requirements, a PHP object can act as intermediary between any registrar that provides a user API and Whois.Carttm. RAPIs are placed into special folders inside the system’s /admin/registrars/ directory and are automatically available for use with the system to perform your registrations, transfers and renewals amongst other registrar commands. The associations are performed on a TLD-assocation basis, defined in the TLD to Registrar API table. This way, associating .com with Enom, .net with OpenSRS, and other TLDs with other RAPIs concurrently is made possible – allowing you to source your registrations with several different registrars on one installation. You can add and remove or adjust associations on the fly without worrying about its inner workings. The system will remember with which API a domain was first registered and maintain its association after any change is made to the general table where necessary.

Hosting Panel Integration

Our new version of Whois.Cart posesses a live hosting panel API (HAPI) interface system. With it, you are able to tie into your hosting panels and multi-manage your servers as orders are placed! With this new system, processed orders automatically generate the hosting accounts (in addition to the domain registrations) required to fulfill your orders and leave your clients happy. There is no limit to the amount of servers you can manage. Currently available are HAPI modules for CPanel/WHM, Interworx, Helm and Directadmin.

Payment Portals

Whois.Cart incorporates a unique payment portal system which recognizes them automatically as they are saved into the appropriate folder. Each portal file is composed of three parts that are used interchangedly by the system. The system also provides a basic ‘plug’ class that you can extend as a PHP object and use as a platform to develop your own payment portals. The system inherently supports the following payment portals, all are provided under the initial purchase price:

Paypal Website Payments PRO

Client Panel

Your clients can now log in to a system that the cart provides and revisit orders they’ve placed with you before. They can also delete unverified orders without your assistance to save you the hassle of deleting orders placed by error. The client panel also provides domain management features, such as setting contacts, changing nameservers, and more. Logging in also circumvents the registration forms, this means that returning customers don’t need to fill the same forms out over and over again. We are constantly developing our system of course, and the extensible design of this front end sets no limits to what we can accomplish with it. Suggestions are always invited!

Recurring Billing

As hosting and domain object anniversaries approach to within the first warning duration you specify in the billing settings panel, invoices are sent to their owning clients, advising that ‘renewables’ have been added to their accounts. Renewables discovered within this range are batched as they are sent to the client as well, merging several invoice items into a single invoice. The client thereafter logs into their client section and either pays for, changes, or cancels those renewable items. Should the client forget to pay, any required suspensions and terminations are also automated – suspension warnings can be sent as required. The unique aspect of the system is that it is sourced through the itself instead of through third-party mechanisms, allowing the client to alter their payment method without your intervention.


What is Whois.Cart()?
logoWhois.Cart() is a client/administrator tool that facilitates the many tasks involved in running an efficient webhosting and domain registration business. The system will surgically undertake every aspect of your client transactions; first the sale (which is most important and most overlooked), the collection of money, the registration/transfer/renewal of domains, the provisioning of hosting space, and lastly the maintenance of all these. A cumulation of countless development hours and thousands of user suggestions, Whois.Cart() is a full-featured system that has retained the clean and simple ethic that most of its equal-featured competing products have lost. It will undoubtedly become the most natural and effective resource with which you will ever complement your business.

What is its mission?
Built to maintain hosting plans and domain registrations, no other such product comes even close to its speed, clarity and ease of customization. At saeven.net, we’re mindful that not everyone are programmers and that the hosting and domain sales industry is complex enough, that the extra burden of code knowledge and software mechanisms could be at least alleviated if not eliminated altogether. We’ve therefore worked hard to build you a tool whose mechanisms simply work – a culmination of hundreds of user opinions and of years of experience in software development. Simple and unclouded, the system strives to make your life and that of your clients easier. As testament, a vibrant and exclusive community teeming with ideas and energy has ensued, and we’re hopeful that having read the information offered at this site, you’ll find time to ask questions, approach our community forums and eventually become a member of our developmental think-tank and help us further our product. Our mission is to make this product the very best available, to listen to your suggestions, to offer the best technical support available, and overall – to make it affordable. This product is an underpriced entry in a monopolized market, and with your help, we’ll make our dent and show that price is not a function of quality.

Quick Glance

Collect Payment instantly with one of our many implemented payment portal ‘plugs’. These are entirely modular and can be removed or added at any time and are coded using the strictest possible methods to ensure your security. A complete list of our entirely free payment plugs is available from the features section.

Automate Hosting Account Creation, suspensions, deletions and even terminations through those hosting panels whose interface objects are available for Whois.Cart(). Seamless integration and transparent mechanics leave you responsible only for those details which allow the cart to interact with your hosting panel. The rest is up to us!

Register Domains automatically! Effortless and instantaneous, the system will register, transfer, and renew your domains should you configure it to do so using our intuitive registrar interface. You can even import existing domains into the system’s database using the administrative interface to allow the cart to manage your entire inventory of domains.


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As soon as an internet domain runs out, it is not promptly erased, it doesn’t really expire on the expiry date. It needs to go through specific stages prior to it can be provided for a new enrollment. The preliminary stage is a 40-day grace period, throughout which the owner can renew the domain at the normal renewal cost. The following stage is the redemption duration in which the owner can still renew the domain but at an added cost. The domain name enters the five-day deletion period, and also on the last day the domain name will certainly be made offered for public acquisition.

You need to spend time studying your options and also every little thing you need to find out about the marketplace. Unlike in the past when run out web domain remained in abundant supply, it has actually now evolved right into a fiercely demanded market and the devices employed to perform research study as well as nabbing of the ended names is becoming much more complicated. One more point that you will require is a lot of perseverance, by thoroughly searching for a prospective goldmine, you may encounter a few little nuggets that can give you a terrific running start when it concerns winning the online search engine battle.

If you consider on your own a beginner to the realm of run out domain names, then buying a run out internet domain name may not be as easy as you anticipate it to be. Just to provide you a suggestion, the life cycle of a domain name is regarding one to ten years while an estimated 2,000 domain name names end every single day.

Domain names

A lot of Web masters and also expert ran out internet domain name customers are looking for unique names, specifically those composed of one syllable, un hyphenated names that can summon a number of ‘enter’s’. Such domain names are important not only for the name itself but additionally for disposing purposefully laid adverts with a ppc internet search engine which can bring in revenue for the name up until an interested customer is ready to acquire the domain name. You might intend to look into DMOZ or Yahoo since the names detailed there ought to be the ones that you must think about.

You have to be conscious of numerous factors before you begin shopping for expired web domain names. Next off, you have to make sure that the domain name is provided in a suitable group for your functions.